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Meet The Team

“Welcome to Edge Tech, let me introduce you to the #EdgeTechTeam. We are an early stage start-up which has been built on friendship, mutual respect, ambition and shared goals.

Very simply we work hard together to achieve great things and results.

We are aiming to build a business and culture where we make a real difference, where people are encouraged to thrive, skills are developed and honed and success is celebrated.

Please check us out, do your own research and follow our stories/experiences on Facebook and Instagram too.”

Will Horner – Co-Founder

Harrison Goode Co-Founder

Job Title Co Founder
Division RPA
Hobbies Gym & Reading
Guilty Pleasure Fortnite
Favourite Movie Pulp Fiction

Will Horner Co-Founder

Job Title Co Founder
Division Internet of Things
Hobbies Tennis
Guilty Pleasure Karaoke
Favourite Movie Wedding Crashers

Ollie Sulley Co-Founder

Job Title Co Founder
Division AI, Data Science & Blockchain
Hobbies Boxing & Walking my Dogs
Guilty Pleasure Disney Musicals
Favourite Movie Lord of the Rings