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Meet The Team

“Welcome to Edge Tech, let me introduce you to the #EdgeTechTeam. We are an early stage start-up which has been built on friendship, mutual respect, ambition and shared goals.

Very simply, we work hard together to achieve great things and results.

We are aiming to build a business and culture where we make a real difference, where people are encouraged to thrive, skills are developed and honed and success is celebrated.

Please check us out, do your own research and follow our stories/experiences on Facebook and Instagram too.”

Will Horner, Co-Founder

Harrison Goode

crossfit games fitness GIF by CrossFit Inc.

Job Title Co Founder
Division RPA
Hobbies Gym & Reading
Guilty Pleasure Fortnite
Favourite Movie Pulp Fiction

Will Horner

Trick Shot Tennis GIF by Wimbledon

Job Title Co Founder
Division Internet of Things
Hobbies Tennis
Guilty Pleasure Karaoke
Favourite Movie Wedding Crashers

Ollie Sulley

Speed Bag GIF

Job Title Co Founder
Division Data Science & AI
Hobbies Boxing & Walking my Dogs
Guilty Pleasure Disney Musicals
Favourite Movie Lord of the Rings