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Having worked in the RPA space for more than 4 years, we have seen a real shift in the past 12 – 18 months to the rise of temporary, project-based work. Gone are the days of building an RPA CoE purely of permanent skilled workers brought from external companies, and upskilling internal capacities, with the rise in demand for skilled workers, more and more are moving towards freelance temporary work.

As Edge Tech are a complete solutions provider, we can no longer ignore this burgeoning sector of the market, and are keen to support our clients in whichever way possible. Whilst we will still be providing permanent talent that is second to none, we will now also offer highly experienced, experts who are available on short- and long-term contracts. There are many benefits to looking at a contractor solution including:

Peace of Mind

A contractor will come with a list of projects they have completed and the specific details of how they did it and what they needed. Take the guesswork out of your project and use an expert that has been there an done that. They can show you the best method and how to avoid the failures, as they have seen it and done it all before.

Time to delivery

There will be fewer blockages in the way of your project, it will take a lot less time. The person coming on board will often be available quicker, sometimes as soon as the week or day after your decision to start the project. This means your project can start quicker, with no time wasted upskilling anyone internally to complete this role, and not taking anyone away from their day job. As they are an external contractor, they will not be hindered by other projects internally, or any internal politics, they are there for one job and one job only, to deliver your project, on time and in budget.


Often seen as the main advantage for using contractors is the flexibility, once the project is completed, so is their contract. If you are experiencing a busy period, you can bolster your team with contractors who can get working straight away, and need no upskilling, saving on training costs. Once the busy period is over, you can streamline your team with no hassle.

Less Management Required

Once you are working with an experienced contractor, after delivering their Statement of Work (SoW) they will often be able to work very autonomously, leading a team if needed, and will not require any extra management from the internal team, saving the pre-existing team from any unwanted headaches


Whilst on the face of it, contractors initially seem much more costly than permanent employees, you can see from the many reasons above (No training costs, no management time, projects start quicker and complete quicker, with a much smaller rate of failure.) that it is actually often more cost effective to bring an external contractor on board for the duration of your project.

Here at Edge Tech we are more than happy to have a discussion with you to create a bespoke programme to find out what method would work best for your project, whether it is just started, ongoing, or you are in the initial stages of considering RPA for your business. Please reach out to our Head of Contracting Oliver Sulley to find out more.

Check out our contract opportunities here.

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Ollie is one of our most valued recruitment partners. From the beginning he got his head around our business and understood the calibre of people that we look for. Unlike some of his peers, Ollie does not fill my inbox with the CVs of people who only vaguely fit the bill. When he tells me that he has someone interesting for me I know that I should take a look. Having that filter at the front end makes my working life so much easier. On top of all that he is a nice guy and a pleasure to deal with.

Tony Martin
Head of Global HR Operations / Sapphire systems

Ollie was fundamental in me finding my latest role, which is a direct result of his tenacity, persistence and unwillingness to give up.
I felt throughout he had my needs at the forefront of his search and worked closely with me to find a role that matched what I was looking for.
I would not hesitate in working with him again and would certainly recommend him to anyone either looking for a new role or for a new employee.

Chris Norfolk
Channel Sales Director / Oracle

Ollie has provided my company with first class service and support in terms of our recruiting requirements. He took the time to understand our brief for the type of candidates we required and only presented top quality people for interview. I would recommend giving Ollie a try if you are looking for a good recruitment firm.

Stephen McGee
Head of Sales / Positive Solutions

Harrison certainly knows his market and I have found him helpful and well connected. Both as a hiring manager and candidate. I particularly valued the MeetUps which he organised, these were hugely successful, enabling people from various sides of the industry to meet and share ideas!

Simon Lill
Sales Director / UiPath

It was a pleasure working with Will and he managed to place me in a fantastic role! He went out of his way to understand what type of role I was looking for and managed to find something almost instantly. During the interview process he offered his support, reviewed the presentations and gave valuable feedback. I would highly recommend him!

Sarwar Khan
IoT Commercial Manager

Working with Will to secure my new role at tado° gmbh was a positive experience from start to finish. Will was sharp, informative and very diligent in explaining the new role and answering many of my questions - a clear sign that Will understood the role, culture and strategy of Munich based tado°. I would have no question in working with Will again from either side of the recuitment profession.

Richard Sephton
Tado / Smart Home Business Development

“Working with Harrison is a joy, he is conscientious, courteous, hard-working and exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. He also sees the wider picture and helps develop the connections between people for their mutual benefit. Harrison is not afraid to try his hand and new things and worked hard on the organisation and preparation to make the first RPA Meetup in London a huge success.”

Rob King
Director / Wzard Innovation

“Harrison has a deep knowledge of our market and provided an excellent service with good on-going communication and feedback on a regular basis. In a previous life I was a director of a mid-sized staffing company and can tell the good from the bad. Harrison is from the good side and definitely lives up to his surname (before someone added the 'e' on the end of course)!”

Chris Northam
Commercial Director / Autologyx

“Harrison was fantastic to work with. As a recruiter, he maintained a highly professional demeanor and was always friendly and found me the perfect job instantly! He was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognising my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. He was always there to help throughout the process. Would highly recommend. Thank you!”

Sruthi Gummadi
Lead Robotic Process Automation Developer / Capita

“I have known Harrison for some years, and he is always looking to tap into talent and find the right people that will suit the right role; in leadership, experience and motivated technical space. It’s down to Harrison’s persistency that I am about to move into a great challenging role with Thomas Cook.”

Graham Lee
Group Head of RPA & AI / Thomas Cook

Ollie has been a tremendous help in finding great profiles in IOT space both when I worked at Securitas Direct and now at IPH Brammer

Gatien Gillon
COO / IPH Brammer / Rubix

In a given day, I've received an email message from Ollie through LinkedIn saying that he had one opportunity suited to my profile. Which indeed, he had. With his knowledge of the ERP market and also of his customer environment, he answered all my questions around the opportunity at once, making me comfortable enough to pursue it. A couple of meetings later, offer negotiated and accepted! Would recommend Ollie to all job seekers out there.

Pablo Castagnini
Head of Consultancy / Sapphire systems

Will's experience was pivotal in helping me source a Senior Commercial Manager with rich IOT experience into my team. He went the extra mile to understand the vision for the role and came back with a very tight shortlist of high calibre candidates. I would highly recommend his services and he'll be the first person I'll turn to going forward

Richard Sanzeri
Head of Marketing IoT / HomeServe

Will is an outstanding leader in recruitment and a strategic thinker. We were looking to fill a number of roles and he delivered high quality candidates every time.

Dan Bauer
Founder / Bitsmarter

Working with Will during recent job search was a revelation. He took the time to meet me face to face and really understand my goals. The impact of this was I felt like a customer not just a candidate.

Combining this with his extensive knowledge of the IoT space I had the confidence I was working with a best in class recruiter and recruitment company.

I have no doubt I will work with Will again, and would not hesitate to recommend him if you are recruiting or looking for the next move.

Graham Doe
IoT Sales Director

“Harrison was instrumental in helping establish our North American RPA solutions consultant practice in short order and with just a few meetings to establish our requirements. He was able to quickly ascertain our needs and find incredibly talented and qualified candidates. Extremely satisfied with the services he and his company provide!”

Ben Case
Director of Solutions / Thoughtonomy

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